Neways Worldwide Sdn Bhd

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Neways Worldwide Sdn Bhd is one of the fastest growing MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) companies in Malaysia. The company is committed in offering products which are affordable and accessible through its wide network of relationship marketing team to help improve the health, wealth and well-being of people in the market.


The company began operations in 1992 after the founder of the company found that products in the mainstream personal care products market contained ingredients which are made using harmful material and hence went about to find an alternative to offer products which do not contain such ingredients. From there, the Neways story began and has grown to become one of the most established healthcare direct-selling companies today.


The company started with the Personal Care line of products before demand saw it growing into the Health & Wellness product line. The company would continue to grow in the preceding few years where they launched the Maximol Solutions in 1997 where it became the top selling and flagship product. From there, the company would continue to expand to other markets where it then established its branch in Japan before moving their corporate headquarters to Utah in the United States before venturing to the European market with the establishment of the Neways Germany branch.



The company has grown into becoming an industry leader in this sector where since appointing Eric Larsen as the CEO in 2005 before it was acquired by Golden Gate Capital a year later. The company prides itself in offering products which are free from chemical additives which are known to cause all types of side-effects that include birth defects, repertory illnesses and more serious illness like cancer and even death. Neways have been actively working for the past 20 years to bring non-toxic products to the markets they are in.


Business Opportunities

Apart from the list of highly beneficial products, Neways also offer a very unique business opportunity through its direct-selling system that allow its team of sales teams and networks which are both rewarding and very lucrative. The network marketing system brings about a wide range of personal care and nutritional products which are manufactured under the strictest quality control system and very affordable for daily consumption.


One of the most unique opportunity under the Neways MLM structure is that it pays 50% of its commissionable volume back to its distributors where they have various schemes and systems that include the Multiplex Unilevel Bonuses, Group Development Bonuses and Executive Leadership Bonuses respectively. Apart from that, they also offer other types of compensation plans which are catered to respective groups depending on their size and such.



All the products go through proper research and development which are endorsed by the Neways Scientific Advisory Board before they are made available to its customers. This is naturally the team which is made up of scientists and experts in their respective fields who will identify the best products to manufacture, ensuring that they are made under the legitimate and industry relevant standards. There are various categories of products which are sold through Neways’ network and this include Aromatherapy, Bath & Body, Hair Care, Oral & Dental Care, Skin Care, Sun Care, Cosmetics and many more. The personal care products from Neways are known to be their flagship products where they offer ranges that help to fortify the body with the likes of the Oral, sun and bath care products. Its nitrification and beauty products are also very popular as they are made from non-toxic material, which is the philosophy of the company.